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United Corporate Advisory Services Ltd.

UCAS has entered into this business area with an ambition to be the market leader. Keeping that in mind we have recruited the best possible professionals, procured the best equipment and established the best networking system. Power shortage is a huge problem to an organization like us. To address this we have adequate power back up system to meet the requirements. We have professionals in key positions to meet the clients’ needs smoothly. Our staffs are tested troops in the field of share related operations.

About Us

United Corporate Advisory Services (UCAS) Limited is a company having expertise in the field of software solution, data Processing and IT Enabled Service (ITES). Please be informed that UCAS has core business expertise in the field of IT enabled Services (ITES) with basic focus on IPO related Data Processing and back office software services for various wings of Capital Market. We also have the expertise in data processing related to Rights Share Offer, Bonus and Dividend, Share Management, AGM Holding etc. We have dedicated experts and workforce and state of the art infrastructure with a professionally run network set up by highly trained professionals. Please be informed that we have successfully completed Post Issue Management job of IPO of various companies.

The company was formed on 22 November 2009 and started its operation from January 2010 with a focus and aspiration to become market leader in the field of software solution and ITES provider related to capital market of the country. Directors and Management of the company has pristine reputation as the wide expertise on business knowledge.

Please note that we have developed back office software for Brokerage house and Merchant Banks. The product has been enriched even more as we are fine tuning certain aspects of the software with your active input and demand since July 2018.